Game Rules

1) BASICSYour opponent plays a movie. You fire back a connected movie. Connected movies have at least 1 actor in common. A basic connected movie play earns 10 points.

Additional BONUS points are awarded for:

  1. Change Connection* – your play has none of the same actor connections as the last play
  2. Multiple Actor Connections – bonus for 2 actor connections, extra bonus for 3+
  3. Fast Play – enter a connected movie within 15 seconds
  4. Movie and Actor of the Day – go to the Daily Bonus page to see Movie and Actor of the Day

If you can’t think of a connected movie, then Pass or use Lifelines.

At the end of the round where someone reaches 100 points, the player with the most points wins.

*Players do not get Change Connection bonus in the first round of play. The first movie in the game receives no points and is Round 0. The next turn is the beginning of Round 1. For that turn, there is no actor history to change from, so it can’t get Change Connection. To keep the game fair, the 2nd turn in Round 1 is not eligible for Change Connection either. The scoring summary for all Round 1 plays says, “No Change Connections in R1”.



On the main menu, hit START NEW GAME. Then:

  1. Pick an opponent
  2. Decide if the game will include the 60 second timer
  3. Pick a movie to start the game

Choose Auto Match to accept game challenges from other players looking for an opponent. Or choose Pick Opponent to challenge friends through Facebook, Twitter, email, or their Fireback Movies usernames.

Pass & Play allows two players to have a game on one device. To start a Pass & Play game, the opponent is required to login. This feature enables the ability for your Pass & Play opponent to login later on his device and continue the game.



When you choose a game where it is your turn, you will see the yellow START TURN button and above it the game history. Your opponent’s current play is hidden.

When you start the turn, the movie you need to connect with is revealed. At the same time, the timer begins counting down 60 seconds (timed games only.)

Your challenge is to think of a connected movie and play it. Choose ENTER MOVIE NAME to be able to type in any movie.

When you have typed 3 letters or numbers, the game will provide a list of all movies that match. The list shrinks as you type additional characters. Select the movie you want to play and hit PLAY MOVIE.

Fireback Movies will take a second to look up the connections. The clock does not keep counting while the game does the lookup. If the movie you entered was not connected, you get an alert and try a different movie.

(There are movies that have only 1 or 2 characters in the name. To play those, type the name and hit SEARCH.)



If you can’t think of a connected movie, then choose See Lifelines. Going to Lifelines ends the opportunity to enter any movie in that turn. The Lifelines screen attempts to present 3 popular movies connected by popular actors. When possible, 1 of the 3 is a change connection while 2 are not. Lifelines movie choices are free in Round 1 of every game. Pass is always available as a free option. If you pass and your opponent passes back to you, the game will make you choose an unconnected movie to get the game restarted.



You get free tickets for downloading the game. You are awarded tickets for leveling up. On the Get Tickets screen, tickets are available as in-app purchases.

Tickets last until you use them. They are not tied to any single game.



Fireback Movies games go to 100 points.

Each connected movie receives 10 points plus bonus. Pass gets 8 points and an Unconnected Movie (after both players pass) gets 10 points.



There are 4 movie lists.

The first 2 are All Top and My Top that display the top 20 movies by all players and top played by you.

The other 2 are Faves and 2See. You can manage these as you like. Adding to these lists can be done using the pink heart by each movie in the game interface. On the list screen there is also a yellow Add Movie button.




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